Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lavola Tonight!

Click here to RSVP via the official Facebook event page.

Aight, so here's more information about the Lavola show at Green Room tonight. Kristin Frenzel, Gina Bentivegna, Brooke Kotzen, Kelcie McQuaid, a bunch of other great artists (and myself) are showing tonight during sets from Lavola, DJ Andie Sweetswirl, and DJ Hank Justice.

And, actually, my and Kristin's artwork from their Black Friday: Dead Celebrities Art Show will still be on display, making the 10 pieces I'll have on display the largest collection of my artwork on display yet! Not bad for show #14!

Sometime soon, I'll have these pieces and prints available via my Etsy store.

Be sure to come out, have a drink, and get a picture with me!

As always, a very special thanks to Green Room for hosting all of these great local events for us up-and-coming artists/musicians. How awesome is that?

(Whew, enough coding for me for one morning. Where's my coffee at?)

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