Saturday, January 21, 2012

ArtHeart and Los Colores Art Show

I'm a minute late on this, but I'm participating in the ArtHeart and Los Colores - Joint Event! art show, at Rocketown (in Pompano Beach). There'll be live art and music, pro skateboarding exhibitions, and lots of good art on display. And it's a fundraiser, so a portion of the profits'll go towards Rocketown and My Broken Palace.

Click on the above links for details and directions (until I can type 'em out properly, 'cause I'm in bed with a stomach ache).

Hope to see you there!

(Special thanks to ArtHeart and Los Colores.)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Years Later

Three years ago today, January 12th, 2009, my brother Justin passed away.

He was two months shy of his 26th birthday.

Three years later, I'm here, writing this, with every feeling and emotion as strong and painful and real as back then. You know, it really doesn't get easier over time. One learns to deal with it better, but it doesn't get easier. No, no way. I think about him every single day, whether it be the good or the bad or the absurd or the funny or our childhood or the last time that we hung out. I swear that I remember more about him now then when he was around. Maybe because I know how important those memories are.

Three years later, and I can see where I've taken inspiration from his strengths. He always tried hard at the things that mattered to him. He never stood for anyone's crap, and definitely wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind. He wasn't just intelligent, but he possessed cleverness, something sorely lacking in so many people today. If you know me, then I hope that you have seen that I try my best to emulate these qualities.

Three years later, and I would still trade my life for a chance for him to have a fulfilling adulthood. I can't do that, so the next best thing I can do is to try my hardest to make this life that I have the best it can be. Both him and my mom are my inspiration to overcome every obstacle I encounter and my dedication to every positive stride I take in this life.

Three years later, and I can't not cry on this day.

Three years later, and I still miss him so much that it hurts.

Three years later, and I love him as as much as ever.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Art Journal: The Bat-Man, Part 2

Not too much to add here, other than some picture updates. I'm also changing his pose a bit, so he's cracking his knuckles. I'm going to hand write some text in that horizontal box by his head.

More to come tomorrow.

(P.S. - You can see these updates earlier, if you follow me on Twitter, @ @ianmsantos, and "like" my Facebook art page.)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Art Journal - The Bat-Man, Part 1

I'm testin' out the Blogger app with this post, so I hope this doesn't come out in Klingon or something.

A few months ago, I was invited to my friend Kristin Frenzel invited me to participate in her new art blog, Art Blog Sketch Attack. I'm a little late with my piece, but here it is: The Bat-Man, as he was designed in his first appearance. I'm partially modeling this after David Mazzucchelli's Batman: Year One style. I'll be laying down the inks with brush and Pigma pens.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!

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