Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Ideas

This is gonna be a quick post, as I'm doing like 100 things at once.

As I said before, I love Halloween. I like to have a costume idea planned out months in advance. My Halloween costume last year was a mess and a half, in part due to poor planning (and flip flopping on the costume idea by my ex). This year, I have no such strictures (I love that phrase), so I think I'ma dress as this character:

Jim from 28 Days Later (Image via)

(Yep, I'd have half a shaved head, and a plastic bag full of junk food.)

And, for next year, I really want to do a badass version of THIS character:

Batman (Image via)

I've got a year to put together a good costume, and get in better shape for it. What costume ideas do you have?

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