Monday, September 12, 2011

My Lawn Mower Guy

I went to pick up my lawn mower from the repairman who lives down the street from me.  The first time I went there (with my friend John), we suspected that there may have been something funny about him.  John said he thought he was a crossdresser; I said I thought he was just a weird, very tanned, hairless man.

Today, I learned that John was right.

Wearing a loose-fitting grey t-shirt, he told me what he did to fix the mower.  As he turned, I noticed what appeared to be the outline of the cups of a bra.  My suspicions were confirmed when he bent over to turn the mower on (and nothing else, I swear), and I saw his black and blue bra peak out from his neckline.

I won't go into the rest of what he told me, but I think that this makes for a good enough story on it's own.

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