Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Art Journal - The Mummy (And Why I Love Halloween)

I'd like to preface this post with the following statement and explanation:


I mean, not just in a casual, "Let's get dressed up stupid and go drink!" kind of way, nope. I mean I love that it's a chance to get DRESSED UP as a character or theme or object that you like, and go out without a care in the world. In the past, I've dressed up as The Joker, Tony Stark (with Arc Reactor in chest), Kanye West, Turbo from "Breakin'" (see video above), Indiana Jones (with whip and idol), and lots more. And, while my Halloween last year sucked (long story short, I looked like a hot mess), I'm determined to have a great Halloween this year, to make up for it.

But I digress. One of the reasons I love Halloween is the celebration of old school monsters. I'm a big fan of the classics (Give me Dracula or Frankenstein over stupid Jigsaw any day), and have already done one art piece dedicated to them (see image below).

So when I was recently added to the Creep Cinema art show at the Bird and Bear Gallery (running from October 1st to November 12th), I already had an idea in mind. I had already started a Medusa illustration a while back, but I kept that aside, in favor of doing a piece on The Mummy.

I looked up pictures of Boris Karloff's version of The Mummy, as that's the one that stands out in my mind (not the newer one with Brendan Fraser). I wanted parts of the face to peek out from beneath the bandages, showing a withered, decayed face. I went to my friend Alex's house, and he gave me good feedback, especially about the eyes and nose. I'm going to redo them, setting the eyes further back (without eyelids), and decaying the nose more. He looks too handsome (and reminiscent of Darkman) right now. I'm also gonna tatter his bandages up, which should give me more textures to play with.

(You know, for good measure.)

Learning my lesson after my Audrey Hepburn Portrait, I decided to do this piece on hot press illustration board. I used a mechanical pencil to lay it out. As for the background, I want to make it look like the inside of a tomb, which will give me a reason to use my gold Speedball ink.

I'm going to work on it more today; I'll try to post an update later.

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