Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Starbuck: Keep your ingress low and fast. Use the terrain to stay hidden 'til the last second. Make sure you give the flak suppression unit enough time so that they can weaken defenses.
Apollo: You don't think I'm up to this.
Starbuck: Of course I do, you'll be fine.
Apollo: Look, you're worried that I'm not gonna pull it out of the fire with some high-risk retina-detaching move, the way Starbuck would. Well, Kara, I'm sorry you're not suiting up. Because, believe me, everyone will feel so much better, me included, if you were riding along with us. But this isn't an ego trip, this is my job. And don't think for one moment that I will not get it done.
Starbuck: I hope so, 'cause we've got one shot. Don't frak it up by overthinking.

-Battlestar Galactica, "The Hand of God"


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