Sunday, August 14, 2011

Artwork - Tiki Head


The first piece I'm working on for the Jetsetter Art Show is entitled "Tiki Head". It's going to be pen, ink, and washes, with another media for color, on illustration board. I tried a couple of different angles for it, like a profile and a bird's eye view, but I decided on a close up of the face. I looked at some reference pictures of various tiki heads, and settled on something not so monstrous in appearance (aside from the mouth, that is). I started the drawing by adding some simple gridlines for the eyes, nose, crown, and center of the head. I then started to add some of the detail. I want it to have an old feeling, as if the viewer just discovered it. I'm going to add vines growing on it. I'll add the inks to it, and then work on the coloring. I may do two different coloring techniques for the vines and the head, but I'll play around with them before I do.

Oh yeah, and I've got tons of orchestral music playing. Right now, I've got "Time," from the Inception score by Hans Zimmer, playing.


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  1. I just realized, it kinda looks like MODOK. :X