Monday, July 18, 2011

Nightly Recap

Here's tonite's recap:

  • The daytime was pretty boring.  Took my mom and Rita, her guide dog, to Petco and Publix.  Wish it was more exciting...
  • ...However, when I got to work, I found that someone had poo'd on the floor of the men's room.  It's nice to share the bathroom with the public.
  • A new class was just hired, and tonite was their first official nite on the floor.  Since I have all that management and training experience, I try (and like) to help 'em out.
  • But that don't mean they're immune to my joking around.  I keep things fun at work.
  • There are some people at work who I genuinely look forward to working with.  They appreciate what I bring to the job, and make me feel welcome.  It's nice, and I want to pay it forward to the new hires.
  • Oh, so a pretty cigar rep took down my contact information.  She said she's gonna hook me up with some!  Cigars, that is.
  • ...I think.
Anyway, so that's that for the day.  Tomorrow should be more interesting, as I'm heading to Orlando and Tampa to get my new car.  I'll post something tomorrow.


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