Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nightly Recap (x4 or 5)

I'ma get right to it:

  • Got a haircut, and shaved...
  • ...And, as a result, got called "officer" two times at work.
  • Also got called a "vampire" by a kid...
  • ...And "gothic" by an older spanish lady that works with me.
  • Hung out with Alex last nite...  We caught up, had a good heart-to-heart (now I know we're getting older), and had some bomb-ass steak.  I so gotta cook some sometime soon.
  • It's amazing the amount of people that'll come to the airport like 20 minutes before takeoff.  And then complain.
  • Went to Ikea with my moms, and checked out frames.  I have a good idea of how I can format different pieces I want to do.
  • Also updated my "Freelance" page; I'm going to officially start accepting work.
  • I did so, in part, thanks to Kristen, who told me that one of my pieces coulda sold for like $200.  I now want to do a series, and sell prints of my work.
  • I started writing a blog post, but have hit a bit of writer's block.  I'ma try to work on it tomorrow.
  • One of the newbies set her food on fire in the microwave.  I guess that not putting your foil-wrapped lunch, in a paper bag, into a microwave, is not universally known.
I think that that's all the noteworthy stuff.  If you're reading this now, at 2 a.m., then have a good nite.  Or good morning, if you see this later.


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