Sunday, July 3, 2011

Key to Life #7

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to. This isn't meant to sound preachy. I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #7:

(Imave via eshd3wa.)


I'm not sure if this needs any explanation other than the image above, but I'd like to share a little story. Back in the day, my old manager D and I were having a talk about hygiene. The two of us were on the same page about high standards on the subject. When "armpits" came up (no pun intended), he said to me one of those lines that stuck with me from then on, and will be with me the rest of my life. I'd even put it on my family crest, right alongside the Colonial Vipers and Rosario Dawson dancing on the rooftop in Clerks 2. It's something along the lines of this:

If you don't shave your arms, then you're just putting deodorant on hair.


...And that's when I became a true proponent for shaving your armpits.



  1. D was a smart person.


  2. Oh yeah. D taught me alot about style and various other things, Gods bless him. In return, I gave him the gift of... BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.