Saturday, June 25, 2011

Key to Life #6

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to. This isn't meant to sound preachy. I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #6:


It is now 2:34 am, and I am at work, waiting to see how if a situation will require me to stay later.  The day started on Friday, June 24th, and it is now Saturday, June 25th.  I'm in the breakroom, with a bunch of coworkers, venting about work and talking small talk and laughing so hard that tears are flowing, and it's all good.

A long time ago, when I was in my early 20's, I went out every single weekend.  I'd get together with coworkers who were acquaintances (at best), get dressed all douchey, go to clubs, and have a mediocre time.  Sometime during that, I had a revelation: Friday and Saturday are just two more days of the week.  Once I realized that, I felt so much more... free. I didn't feel a slave to going out, and people's peer pressures didn't bother me as much.

I remember one old coworker tried to chide me for not going out after work with them, saying something about his grandfather not trusting a man who didn't drink, to which I replied, "Eff your grandfather."

I could go to a friend's house, or grab a 6 pack and hit up the beach and talk about life and girls and whatever else would come up, or stay home and do laundry and feel not just okay, but good about it.  All too often I have found that that "going out" life does not leave me feeling fulfilled.  Now, if I do decide to go out, it means more.  And I prefer for things to have more meaning than for them to become old hat.

So, when the weekend comes along, and the masses go out to their bars and clubs in search of whatever's gonna make them feel good for the nite, I'll be wherever I am, feeling good every nite.


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