Monday, June 13, 2011

Key to Life #2

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to.  This isn't meant to sound preachy.  I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #2:

Last nite at work, I lent a girl a dollar.  I didn't pay attention to what kind of food she bought, but it was of the junk variety.  She then asked if anyone had anything to freshen breath.  I was able to aid her a second time, with a Listerine Breath Strip.  She thanked me with a very genuine thank you, and called me something along the lines of a "gracious hero."  But, more to the point, she didn't suggest that I take one, too.

I could easily include "good hygiene" as one of my Keys to Life, but that's too broad.  Each aspect of good hygiene is important in its own way, and, therefore, each one deserves its own Key.  For me, fresh breath is key because I tend to be a more social creature when I go out (see my post, When I ask, "How are you?", I mean it.), and I never want to have breath that smells like hot, wet garbage.  No one wants to talk to a dumpster.  So I always carry something with me (but rarely offer any up), because I never know who I'm gonna talk to, and I'd like to be known (partially) for a good conversation as well as good breath.