Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Key to Life #1

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to.  This isn't meant to sound preachy.  I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #1: 


The reason why this is my first Key to Life is because, well, that's just what I did.  I procrastinated in posting this.  I said I'd post it on Friday, and now it's Tuesday.  Procrastination makes me feel like I'm not a man of my word, when I strive very hard to be.  Lately, work has been hectic, and I've had other things going on.  But made great progress in fixing this because, honestly, I feel better when I don't put things off.


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  1. NOTE: I ain't postin' these daily. Nah. I won't be able to stick to that schedule right now.