Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are You a Stan Lee or a Hugh Hefner?

Stan Lee and Hugh Hefner, Presumably Both Being Badass

Since about 2005ish, I've toyed with the idea that most poeple are either a Stan Lee or a Hugh Hefner. I think I've finally got my reasoning down for this; however, I haven't fully vocalized it before, so hear me out, and feel free to leave a comment. I'd love some feedback on this.

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"I'm not a criminal.  Oh, that makes me seem even more like a criminal, doesn't it?"

-Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tonite, at work...

Some guy booked his wife on a one-way trip to Panama City. When asked for her passport, she ask confusedly why, as she was under the impression that he was sending her to Panama City, Florida. Instead, he booked her to go one way to Panama City... Panama.

He didn't answer any of the 40 calls she tried to make to him.

...What a way to break up.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Key to Life #6

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to. This isn't meant to sound preachy. I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #6:


It is now 2:34 am, and I am at work, waiting to see how if a situation will require me to stay later.  The day started on Friday, June 24th, and it is now Saturday, June 25th.  I'm in the breakroom, with a bunch of coworkers, venting about work and talking small talk and laughing so hard that tears are flowing, and it's all good.

A long time ago, when I was in my early 20's, I went out every single weekend.  I'd get together with coworkers who were acquaintances (at best), get dressed all douchey, go to clubs, and have a mediocre time.  Sometime during that, I had a revelation: Friday and Saturday are just two more days of the week.  Once I realized that, I felt so much more... free. I didn't feel a slave to going out, and people's peer pressures didn't bother me as much.

I remember one old coworker tried to chide me for not going out after work with them, saying something about his grandfather not trusting a man who didn't drink, to which I replied, "Eff your grandfather."

I could go to a friend's house, or grab a 6 pack and hit up the beach and talk about life and girls and whatever else would come up, or stay home and do laundry and feel not just okay, but good about it.  All too often I have found that that "going out" life does not leave me feeling fulfilled.  Now, if I do decide to go out, it means more.  And I prefer for things to have more meaning than for them to become old hat.

So, when the weekend comes along, and the masses go out to their bars and clubs in search of whatever's gonna make them feel good for the nite, I'll be wherever I am, feeling good every nite.


Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Sick

I think I caught my cat's cold. In related news: cats have green boogers, and can drool.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


There are 4 posts I have in mind to write, in addition to posting artwork pictures when I start my next projects (this week has been ridiculously busy for me).  Two of them will be part of my "Keys to Life," and the other two are a bit more personal.  Keep an eye peeled.  In the meantime, here's an old sketch I did, which will serve as the basis for my Nerdapalooza entry:



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Key to Life #5

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to. This isn't meant to sound preachy. I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #5:


I found this ad a few years ago, and thought it was one of the best ads I had ever seen.  The version I saw had the caption "Dream Big" above Yoda's head.  It's such a simple concept, but it really conveys perfectly how I feel: that imagination is such an important part of life.  And I also believe it to be a dying concept.

I used to work in retail.  I was a manager at Hot Topic for close to 7 years.  During that time, I saw kids progressively become less and less original and imaginative.  In my last days there, the kids that would come in embraced either nostalgic things, such as old 80's shows, or reality TV, or generic music and the style that goes along with it (which is drawn from old styles), instead of trying to be new.  The kids had become so image-obsessed with what's "cool" and "trendy" that they had become the opposite of what they aspired to be.

My brother and I grew up with comic books and cartoons and movies and, in later years, music that wasn't as popular with not only kids our age, but within our own family.  My mom gave us that freedom of choice.  I believe that, because of that, I developed an overactive imagination that I have to this day.  Sometimes it feels like my mind goes in like 100 different directions at once, thinking of everything from daily responsibilities to things like "Could Sam Beckett have jumped into Samuel Beckett?"  And I'm not gonna lie: I wouldn't trade my imagination for anything in the world.  It has allowed me to come up with great jokes (remind me to tell you about my Avatar wheelchair joke), interesting conversation topics, date ideas, and so much more.

When I started writing these, I meant for them to just be about the little rules I live my life by, and not suggestions as of how to live yours, but I do suggest to anyone reading this to use your imaginations more.  Turn off the radio or the reality TV show, and... think.  Think of anything and everything you can, and see how far your thoughts can take you.  Think of other worlds and realities and concepts and people that exist or don't or did or could or all of the above.

But... just imagine.


My next art show(s)...

So, in addition to this show:

It looks like I'll be doing a piece for THIS show, in Orlando:

I've got a little somethin' special planned for this... A mashup of such an epic scale that only a lord and a master of time can handle it.


P.S. - Thanks to Heather, for bein' my model for the Transformations show!

P.S.x2 - I'm super excited about Nerdapalooza. :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

Music Video

(hed) p.e. - This Love

This song always makes me feel good if I'm feelin' down. No matter how bad things get, no matter how badly some may treat you, those true friends and family will always be there for you.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Starbuck: There's this one song that he taught me, it made me feel happy and sad all at the same time.
The Piano Player: The best ones do.
-Battlestar Galactica, "Someone to Watch Over Me"


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My next art show...

Is in July. I'm gonna have one 8.5" x 11" piece, and one... gianter piece. Here's the details:


Key to Life #4

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to. This isn't meant to sound preachy. I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #4:


I recently did some freelance work for a vehicle wrap company (whose name I'm not gonna say on here, out of the kindness of my heart).  They had subcontracted me to do design work for their client, a learning center.  It was my first real freelance job, and they definitely took advantage of that.  They had me make changes without asking the client, and asked for it with very little notice or turnaround time.  I completed each change quickly and thoroughly, and everyone sounded happy with the work.

And then I didn't hear from the company for 3 weeks.

I received and email this afternoon from them.  The following is their message to me, and my reply to them.

From him:

Hey Ian
I didn't want you to think that I left you hanging, Mr ****** was on vacation and just called me back.
He is still interested and it looks like we will be moving to you soon.
if you have any questions call me.

My reply:
With all due respect, I'd prefer if you did not contact me any more in regards to this or any future projects you may have.  I have not heard from you in close to 3 weeks, and was never given any sort of reason as to why there was no communication.  We have also not talked about any sort of compensation for my work, and, in that period where I did not receive any word from your company, I decided to take it as a loss and a learning experience.  I suppose I should thank you for the opportunity, and wish you luck on your future endeavors, but you'll have to excuse me if I find it hard to do so at this time.


When I first talked to him about doing design work for his company, he made it sound like it'd be a much different experience than what it was.  I will NOT accept treatment like this, even at the expense of compensation, which I'm not really sure was ever intended to be paid to me.  And, like I said, it was a very... eye opening learning experience.  So thanks for that, I guess.

But what I've seen in life, way too may times, is that people won't stand up for themselves.  They've let other people walk all over them, and either won't say anything, or will be passive-aggressively (Passively-aggressive?  Passively-aggressively?) non-confrontational with them.  But not me.  I have no problem going directly to that person, and talking to them about it.  I've had hours-long talks with managers and district managers, old roommates, and anyone else who needed talking to.  In terms of this guy, I tried emailing him more than once in the time in between when I did the last work for him, and today.  For him to say that they were moving forward, and that he'd be in touch, no, I just won't do that.  You just don't treat people like that, especially those who've helped you.


Key to Life #3

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to. This isn't meant to sound preachy. I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #3:


I went down to Walgreens' drive through pharmacy (sounds way shadier than it is) to pick up a prescription for my mom. When I pulled up to the two lanes, there were two cars in the left lane, by the window, and no one in the right lane. I chose the right lane, which made me the default next person to the pharmacist, who could not see the 2nd car in the left lane. When he spoke over the intercom, instead of telling him my information, I let him know that the other person was next in line. Both he and the car next to me thanked me, and I waited an extra 3 minutes.

I've always tried to tell the truth, at least in my more adult years. When I was younger, I may have fibbed a little, not about anything big, but more out of insecurity. But wheneverthehell it was that I stopped worrying so much about what others might think, I realized that honesty really was the best policy. I'd rather be honest and tell you something that might hurt you than to not, and let you go on not knowing what's really going on. And I'd definitely rather own up to any mistakes I make than say, "I dunno.", or try to pass it off onto someone else. I can take whatever consequences might come my way, and being respected for being real sounds pretty good to me.


Artwork - The Joker

At the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions was to do 1 piece of completed art a month.  Admittedly, I didn't really get started on it until April.  But the two pieces I did, one being this Joker piece, and the other being a gigantic Rockabilly Zombie movie poster illustration (that's now on permanent display at The Monterey Club in Fort Lauderdale), more than make up for it.  That being said, this is the first blog post in which I'm going to post about the process of creating my artwork, starting with the Joker piece.

Note: You can click any of the thumbnails for a larger version of that picture.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Key to Life #2

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to.  This isn't meant to sound preachy.  I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #2:

Last nite at work, I lent a girl a dollar.  I didn't pay attention to what kind of food she bought, but it was of the junk variety.  She then asked if anyone had anything to freshen breath.  I was able to aid her a second time, with a Listerine Breath Strip.  She thanked me with a very genuine thank you, and called me something along the lines of a "gracious hero."  But, more to the point, she didn't suggest that I take one, too.

I could easily include "good hygiene" as one of my Keys to Life, but that's too broad.  Each aspect of good hygiene is important in its own way, and, therefore, each one deserves its own Key.  For me, fresh breath is key because I tend to be a more social creature when I go out (see my post, When I ask, "How are you?", I mean it.), and I never want to have breath that smells like hot, wet garbage.  No one wants to talk to a dumpster.  So I always carry something with me (but rarely offer any up), because I never know who I'm gonna talk to, and I'd like to be known (partially) for a good conversation as well as good breath.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

From Twitter

Erik Larsen
Ian Santos
in reply to ↑
Erik Larsen
Lord knows I tried, I read both of my boys comics as bedtime stories. It didn't take.

From Twitter

From Michael Allred, creator of Madmen:
@ianmsantos hehwieyam (Elmer Fudd voice)!

(I'm lovin' the comic book love recently!)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From Twitter

From Rob Liefeld, creator of Youngblood & Deadpool, and former X-Force artist:
Danke RT @ianmsantos @robertliefeld I'm not gonna lie, man, #HawkandDove was cool back in the day, and you bein' back in there is awesome :)



"Don't call yourself an 'amateur' anything. Call yourself an 'aspiring' something."



Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Demons run, when a good man goes to war.

-River Song, Doctor Who, "A Good Man Goes to War"


Key to Life #1

"Keys to Life" is a series I decided to write, based on all the little personal rules and philosophies that I adhere to.  This isn't meant to sound preachy.  I just feel like sharin' them, that's all.

Key to Life #1: 


The reason why this is my first Key to Life is because, well, that's just what I did.  I procrastinated in posting this.  I said I'd post it on Friday, and now it's Tuesday.  Procrastination makes me feel like I'm not a man of my word, when I strive very hard to be.  Lately, work has been hectic, and I've had other things going on.  But made great progress in fixing this because, honestly, I feel better when I don't put things off.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ian's Keys to Life

For years, I had toyed with the idea of documenting the little rules I live by. My Keys to Life, if you will. They range from fashion tips to how I treat others. I don't recommend them necessarily for everyone, but maybe, if someone stumbles upon this site, they could get an idea or two. Starting tomorrow, I will post my Keys to Life. Feel free to add comments in the... Uh, in the comments section.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Anything that stays in the same soil too long withers and eventually dies.  I think people are the same way.  If we stay too long in the same soil, we start to dry up inside.  Soon, there’s nothing left but the shell and even after a while, even THAT goes.  If we do the same things, in the same way, over and over, in time, we fall asleep in our own lives - until something happens to wake us up.  That’s when, like any living thing, you have to take yourself out of where you are and out yourself back where you should be, where you started off before you fell asleep.  You have to rotate back to fertile ground… to the soul that nourished you… back to the earth.

-Pa Kent, Superman #700

(Courtesy of Titanium Runner)



The moment someone says you aren't good enough is the moment they tell you that they aren't good enough for you.




As we get older, we get busier with our lives, and it gets harder to connect with some people. But, when we do, it's usually more meaningful.  And those who are truly our friends are always with us, even when they're not.