Monday, May 30, 2011

Process, Not Suppress

I stopped by to visit my old job yesterday, and, while catching up with one of the girls that works there, I heard her say one of the most mature things I never imagined an 18 year old girl would say: that she was learning to process her feelings and emotions (My horoscope that day, coincidentally, said to process, not suppress).  She's been dealing with a lot in terms of a bad breakup, on top of other personal life circumstances.  But her statement genuinely made me feel proud of her.  I've seen her take such great strides in terms of growing up over the past 8-9ish months during their separation, and her acknowledgement of that is amazing to me.  Too often, I have found that people run from their feelings.  They put up walls, find distractions, do whatever it takes to not face a particular problem or feeling or fear.  For an 18 year old girl to not only say she's processing such emotions, but to actually see her do so in addition to making great positive changes in her life, well, honestly?  It gives me hope.

We don't all have to accept what circumstances life gives us.  We can take a chance, and do our best to change things.  If not, what's the alternative?  Accepting when things don't go right?  Not learning from our mistakes, and continuing to make the same ones over and over again?  Saying that nothing ever goes right, and giving up?

No.  We can try.

We can reassess the things in our life that we aren't happy with.  The people who call themselves "friends" that don't offer anything but the qualities of a leech.  The goals that our hearts would love to attain, but that our brains consider to risky to attempt.  Even the fears inside of us that keep us from really going after what we want.  I recently made that leap of faith, and not only have I not felt happier, but I am confident that things will succeed.  My coworker has done the same, and she is doing okay.  Yes, it can be a struggle, but life is not without work.  And I'd much rather put the work in towards something that will pay off in my life, than not try at all.

So if you're the type of person who buries things deep inside, and is afraid to take chances, I say this:  If a green haired punk rock 18 year old girl can do it, so can you.  All you gotta do is try.


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  1. Well, green highlighted hair, I should say.